Chepang "Chatta" 12"

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roduced by Colin Marston at Menegroth. The 1000 Caves , Queens, NY

"If all collaborative albums were like CHATTA, if all bands took as much joy in the process of creating the art that they wanted to make, the musical world would be better off. Chepang see no borders, creatively or geographically, and this album has the power to make others see that way too. " - CVLTNATION

"It’s been a long while since I’ve come across a grindcore album that I felt was so fully realized and complete, a finished artistic statement rather than just a collection of jams. It’s one of those few albums in the world of extreme metal that I feel absolutely must be listened to in its entirety in order, and as of now, is a top contender for my album of the year." - DECIBEL

"The world’s finest Nepali grinders from the US are back and… Holy freejazzing fuck what the hell is that? Chepang’s sophomore is a curveball " - TOILETOVHELL

"Chatta continues to follows that trend. It’s 28 minutes of razor-sharp, hyper-focused jazzy grinding madness, split up into a main section that’s 16 minutes and a 12 minute remix B-side" - SLEEPING VILLAGE

"On Chatta, the hunger for experimentation, spirit of progress and blunt force join hands without neutering each other, and the inventiveness of the ideas underpinning the album never outpace Chepang’s ability to execute them with flair. " NINE CIRCLES