Mukeka di Rato

Mukeka di Rato "Atletas de Fristo" CD

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Sandro - Voice
Mozine - Bass / Voice
Paulista - Guitar
Brek - Drums

Produced by Mozine
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ricardo Mendes at Caxalote Studio, Vitoria, ES. February - 2011

All lyrics by Sandro and Mozine / All songs by Mukeka di Rato

Design and artwork by Alex Vieira - Revista Prego / Morto Pela Escola

Intro and extra voice in "Lua Cheia" by Felipe - Ass Flavour
Keyboard in "Lua Cheia" and extra guitar in "Pedra" by Ricardo Mendes
Percussion in "Pagando o Pato" by Anderson Xuxinha
Vocals in "Pagando o Pato" by Fepaschoal

Fristo's Athletes (Fristo = crack + weed) is a record which tries to warn people about the dangerous and destructive side effects of smoking Fristo, splitting families and friends apart. Unfortunately we can find it all over Brazil and Latin America also, and the problem is still being treated as a crime, but not as a public health concern.